Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This perfume love of mine sometimes scares me

Like yesterday for example.

I was home looking for some samples to add to packages and at one point it jus hit me. Oh my god! I have so many samples, they are going to run over me and leave me for dead!

Ok, so maybe not dead but exhausted or just depressed because I don't see how are they going to run me over if I don't take them in my hand and try them but there are so many! And the amount is just going to grow and grow. And I have no idea how 80% of them smell like even though I tried them. It really scared me and then I got depressed. Every once in a while I read about one of them and take it out to smell it. If I cannot make my mind, I put it back for another try. But while I'm doing that, I'm also swapping and ordering stuff, and new samples arrive. And find a place to live their life somewhere near me but probably hiding so I wouldn't find them when I need them (even though I try and put them at places where I'll be able to find them).

And what happens yesterday? I try looking for stuff that I already put aside for swapping extras and suddenly there are samples wherever I look. They really scared me. I guess we can live in peace if some of them are hiding and I don't need to be aware of them most of the time.

I think I'll stop now and not go back to reading what I wrote because just thinking about it makes me sound like a lunatic. :)

But! I'm a lunatic with a new perfume fixation. Ok, so it's not really a fixation, more of an interest in a certian area. Like attars.

I got two Amouage attar samples last week, Al Mas and Homage, and even though attars smell a bit different than what I'm used to, I wanted to try some more and of course, I ordered some.

From Arabian Bazaar. They were the first site that came up when I browsed for attars and they have sample packs (2). So I oredred both (and can I just say I'm their first Croatian customer).

And I got very surprised - I ordered on Thursday (5 days ago) and the package was waiting for me today when I got home. :) Talk about fast.

Of course, there wasn't much time for testing yet, I just put on 2 of them randomly and turns out one of them smells quite a lot like Al Mas by Amouage (for quite a lot less money). Honestly, it actually smells even better to me (hope lightning doesn't strike me).

Sedra costs 58$ for 30ml. I couldn't find Al Mas but Homage is 270 E for 12ml. And for that money, I'm likely to think it's not compatible with my skin chemistry because otherwise I would have to say it's really not good (it smelled a lot like I put something pickled on my skin for quite a while until getting relatively normal).


  1. Are you starting to become interested in middle-eastern oils and attars? I ordered some stuff from TPC the other day and I am quite curious, but its such a minefield out there, and pricy! I'd be interested in finding out more of your opinions on the quality, who to order from, etc.

  2. Oj!

    First, tell us - how many (cca) samples do you have?? :) :)

    Second, why are you so worrying about it? I mean, you have them, you enjoy in them... eventually they will all come close to your nose :)
    Those that you don't like - you will swap or even sell, those you do like - you will wear them (a day or a weak since there are probably 1 ml) and that's it.

    I don't see problem :)

    If you have 100-200 bottles, and you don't have food on your table - that would be a problem. :)

  3. Do what I did: I found a perfume pal and we meet now and than. He gives me samples, I give him samples. But the idea is not to count how many each is giving the other.
    Give away. Give to friends, co workers and move on.
    I was keeping them and in the end I realized that: too many samples are going to run bad, so it is best to put a smile on someone´s face and give it away.
    If you really enjoyed, just if it is really something too special, keep it.
    Make 2 groups: very interesting - not that necessary.
    You will feel very good giving things away.
    By the way, I do that every six months will all my stuff.
    What you haven´t used or wore in one year - has to go to charity.
    You should also try to stop buying so frequently. Hold the plastic money sweety!
    I love your comments in my blog, love you blog too!

  4. Michael, yes, I got seriously interested in attars. But honestly, I cannot discuss the quality yet, I still haven't tried that many. But of those I just got, I think they are all good quality - it just depends what you like.
    What do you say we do a swap once you are through with some of yours?

  5. Bellatrix, thanks for the consolation - I'm still not hungry because of my perfume (or book) love.
    I'm pretty sure some of those are going to end up in your hands. ;)

  6. +Q, thanks for stopping by - I love your blog too.
    And you are right - I started thinking I should share more of them but I seem not to be able to get over my hoarding habits. Or spending habits for that matter (and yes, I should hold the plastic money). :)
    I actually started with the groupings you mention - I have a place to put those I don't find good, interesting and will never want to buy.
    Now that you mentioned you give things away every six months - I actually do that too with my clothes and shoes. :) But I still cannot part with some of my perfumes. Silly me. Promise I'll try better. :)

  7. I love the way you describe the 'scariness' of the sample piles! I totally know how you feel--it's like: ok, and am I ever going to smell (and really KNOW all of these???!!???) You hit the nail on the head, as always!

  8. Thanks La BV!
    I see I'm not the only one having these thoughts. ;)

  9. Ines, I'm happy to do that. Still in very early stages of building up a collection though. I'll post some thoughts on the ones I've ordered from TPC, once they arrive (hurry up post!).