Friday, May 28, 2010

SOTD: Mark Buxton Nameless

Only now do I have time to write about my sample and there's not going to be very much to say about it. It is a very nice masculine scent which I could steal if my boyfriend had a bottle but that doesn't move me like Juste un Reve did yesterday.

Notes: orange blossom, lavender, mandarin orange, cardamom, cinammon, coffee, clove, jasmine, amber, labdanum, woodsy notes, guiac wood, patchouli, cedar, benzoin.

It starts lavendery fresh with spice notes coming at the heels. I really enjoyed the opening, it reads as masculine but is thoroughly enjoyable if you are into spices as I am. Or even less than I am.

I hate saying this again but it reminded me of something else I smelled and liked but can't remember what (that seems to happen a lot to me).

It is a terribly nice scent, and I'm sure makes for a great present for a guy who is not very perfume savvy. It's fresh and spicy and enjoyable. I think most guys would like it.
I might be reading this wrong, because I don't smell that many masculines and can't really say if one is good or not, only how much I like it or not.

And after a while, this one had me wondering if each time I get a salty note from a perfume it's me, or is it a perfume (since it happened 2 days in a row). Luckily for me, my other arm was scent free and didn't smell salty, so it wasn't me.


  1. well, you can't go wrong with spicy, enjoyable masculines. Sounds good to me

  2. La BV, that's what I'm thinking. If someone asked me what to get a boyfriend, this would be my first suggestion.

  3. You've described my gripe with so many masculine scents-- they all smell like each other! I feel sad that they feel like they have such a limited palatte to work with...

  4. LCN, yes, you're right. Most masculines these days are not terribly note worthy. But, I'm always giving my boyfriend stuff to try and the other day he fell in love with Elixir de Merveilles - which I love too. :) He's in luck that I provide him with a larger pool of choices (and I'm so proud of him for wanting to wear some "feminines").

  5. I know Mark Buxton did some great work with Comme de Garcon, and is highly regarded in the industry, but I recently tried Cologne Noire, which he did for Van Cleef and Arpels, but that was very meh, for me. I have read some mixed reviews on his eponymous line, but haven't tried any.

  6. Michael, as far as I'm aware, this is a first Mark Buxton for me. I will be trying more of his works, since this one points in a good direction.