Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SOTD: Fig & Vetiver by Anthousa

I'm starting my sample of the day with a sample that's been standing on my shelf for quite some time since after smelling it for the first time (a long time ago), I decided it was great and wanted to use it but save it at the same time.
I either mistaked liking it so much with the other Anthousa sample I have (Citrus Sorbet) or the other fig scents I smelled in the meantime have made me more picky.

Notes: green fig, bergamot, mandarin, cyclamen, fresh berry, peach, osmanthus, rosewood, black amber and vetiver.

There's no way you can miss the fig. And for me that's the best part - the green, fresh, light and summer feeling.

Of all those fruits listed, I am now wondering how come I got only slightly citruses and then after that flowers and that's it. The flowers get a bit shrill on me and I really don't like it when that happens (although I know some people do).

So, no, I can't say I will be wearing this fig (I might have smelled some vetiver at one point but can't be sure). The opening is a lot like Philosykos but the rest doesn't even come near. It's not bad but it's just not that great either.
This was quite painless, I think I'll be able to stick to my samples of the day posts in between real posts. I do have to do something about all those samples...


  1. Good luck with this SOTD thing. I know I will enjoy watching you go through all those samples!

    It IS hard to beat Philosykos in the awesome fig department, isn't it?

  2. Thanks La BV.
    It is hard. Especially when I'm actually wearing Philosykos today. :) Fig & Vetiver never stood a chance.

  3. I think if you put your sample of the day on your skin using little stick (or however is called) it won't interfere your scent of the day :)

    Or you can go level up and actually try to combine 2 scents that could actually go together!

  4. Oh, it didn't interfere. I apply my daily perfume in the morning and then nothing for the rest of the day. And I leave my arms free for testing, so no interference hours later.

  5. Hi Ines - great to read your review - haven't heard of that fragrance, but useful to know that it's not as good as Philosykos.

    I do a similar thing to you with fragrances. I put my main fragrance all over my body and then have my arms free for other scents during the day.

  6. Hi MPL (I have to get used to your changed name), now I'm thinking I was really unkind to this scent, but it just didn't move me. And Philosykos makes me smile each time I put it and it remains so throughout the day.

  7. I'm not a fan of either fig or vetiver (shudder), but that sure is a pretty bottle.

    And it's always good to weed out the ones you just like from the ones you really love.

  8. Mals, I agree completely. Weeding out is good! :)