Saturday, June 5, 2010

New books challenge! Summer at Hogwarts

This one is definitely for me (yes, I'm aware I said the same for the Romance Summer challenge too). :)

But the thing is, I love Harry Potter books and I was thinking about reading some of them again but not sure where to start so now I know. At the beginning. :)

If you are interested in participating, head on over to Loving Books and enjoy. You have 2 months (summer at Hogwarts) starting June 1 to finish all 7 books (which is plenty of time).
Hope you join!

P.S. It seems she was a bit mistaken (I realized it only when I started reading the series again). Summer holidays at Hogwarts start with the July 1.


  1. This is going to sound kind of annoying, but I 'll tell you what I do w/Harry Potter: I read it in other languages--Like if I need to bone up on my Italian for a trip, i get out the HP translated into Italian and reread it. Since I already know the story, I don't lose the plot, and It's great for vocabulary, because I know the story so well i can often infer what the words I didn't know before mean. It works really well

  2. La BV, that's a great idea. Although I prefer always reading in original language, this is a great way of brushing up on a language. I'll get myself some copies in different languages. :)

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