Monday, June 7, 2010

Can there ever be enough figs?

Not for me. Turns out at the moment I have four different fig scents and if I can get my hands on more, I won't mind (so after you read this post, please comment with some new choices for me).

Today it was actually (finally!) a real summer day here so I wore Fleur de Figuier by Molinard. Did you know that a 100ml bottle of this costs 31 euros? I couldn't believe it and once my decant is empty, I'm buying a bottle. The only thing that angers me a bit is that I don't have to pay VAT so it's even cheaper, but the shipping cost is 27 euros (more than the bottle without the VAT).

This is a green, fresh fig that has some serious lasting power and feels refreshing when you wear it.

Then, of course I have a decant of Diptyque Philosykos which is another great fig (one it seems everyone is familiar with). There's not much to add to the name. :) It's similar to Molinard and just as great.

One more decant, L'Artisan's Premier Figuier, my introduction into fig category. And a love at first sniff, the one that started all this fig love.

In the end, a fig that passed under my radar, Ninfeo Mio. I'm ashamed to say that I went down another path when smelling this for the first time and haven't even realized there was a fig in it. But after wearing it for some time, now I cannot mistake it even though this is not a fig scent like the other three before.

So, I told you my favourites. Now, let me know what are the scents that make you feel figgy too?


  1. I love fig fragrances too. Ninfeo Mio is fabulous - perhaps my favourite new fragrance this year, but I agree that it's not very figgy.

    I tried L'Artisan's Premier recently - but surprisingy didn't much like it. It had a very strong leathery note that I wasn't mad about.

    I love figue amere by Miller Harris. Have you tried that one? Definitely worth a sniff.

    Once I tried Le Labo Figue 15 and remember it to be pretty good too. And finally - Un Jardin en Mediterranee (that's probably not the right spelling though)is pretty good.

    Hmm - you've made me want to try something figgy tonight. Might dig out my tiny sample of Figue Amere

  2. My Perfume Life, I can't believe I forgot the MH Figue Amere (which I also have a decant of) - told you I adore fig scents. :) I saw your comment on put it on this morning.
    I didn't try the Jardin en Mediteranee and Le Labo's Fig but will. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Carthusia IO Capri is another fig scent , sweet yet woody , and not heavy on the coco-nutty thing . A little milky , and very long lasting , probably my favorite , even tho I don't ever wear fig scents !

  4. Great! Thanks Carol, I think I actually have a sample of that one somewhere at home. :) I will try and find it...

  5. I love all figs too, but haven't an obscure favorite to recommend. That is such a bummer about the shipping costs. My goodness!

  6. La BV, yes, the shipping cost is really dampening my shopping spirit. :)