Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rachel Hawkins: Hex Hall

This book made me wonder how come I like to read YA novels and enjoy them a lot. My perspective of the teenage years has changed a lot since I'm no longer one but I guess, the outlook teenagers have on life and the strength of emotions pouring out of them will always be fun to read.

So, Hex Hall.
It seems there is a recipe out there on how to write a  supernatural YA fiction. I couldn't help but notice some plot/structure similarities with the House of Night novels, only in this case it's about witches (and fae and shapeshifters) and not vampires.
This might not sound good but I actually enjoyed the book very much. The pace is fast, there are no superfluous information, it feels and reads very compact.

I liked Sophie, the main female character, and for once, I found a character who despite her teenage years didn't seem to have problems reasoning. That seems to be a problem often with YA fiction, that characters somehow "miss" the obvious conclusions (you know, the underlying idea being they are young and still have problems with logical thinking, I just can't buy that).
Not with Sophie. Yes, she is a typical teenager but she is strong and smart and I love her.

Luckily for me, the next book just came out in the beginning of March - Demonglass and I'm sure my Kindle will love having it.

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