Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kresley Cole: Dreams of a Dark Warrior

I couldn't wait for this book to arrive. As I'm a huge fan of Kresley Cole, I eagerly await each new book that comes out. And luckily for me, now I will no longer have to wait until it reaches Zagreb but will be able to instantly download it to my Kindle - yeeeey! :)
That wasn't the case with this one though, as I've been on the waiting list here in Algoritam long before it came out.

Honestly I think Ms. Cole outdid herself this time. I recommend her books to anyone interested in paranormal romance as the place to start (even though that might set the bar high).

A slight spoiler ahead.

I loved Regin's and Declan's story. And when I say Declan's, I do mean that. Aidan the Fierce being reborn through the ages because of his love for Regin, only to die in every lifetime (as someone else) each time they make love is some seriously tragic material. And I suffered through their tragedy, I laughed at Regin's banter, my heart clenched at the strength of their tragic love, and well, the hot scenes did what they were supposed to as well. ;)

The romance I read usually manages to do one of these things, either I read one for the emotional satisfaction, or the great steamy scenes, or the characters' conversations are fun to read. Sometimes two of those, but rarely all of it in such a strong (even cathartic) way. And that's why I loved this book (maybe even a little better than all the others in the IAD series).

The best thing - this is not Aidan's story, this is Declan's story and he deserves it.

P.S. I'm left wondering what's the deal between Nix and Lothaire. And who is this person he so badly needs to save.

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