Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going straight for summer - Nobile 1942, Casta Diva

It seems everywhere I turn, everyone is talking about spring and waiting for it. I am too, but the thing is, we haven't really had a real spring in years, it feels we go straight from winter into summer, with two weeks of spring in between. And I know spring is supposed to last longer. :)

So, expecting spring, I am valiantly trying to separate myself from my lovely warm, winter orientals (I just don't want to let them go yet) and I sprayed on some Casta Diva, the sample of which was found in my bag after my last Flores visit.

I'm not even sure I should be reviewing lush, white florals anymore as I love them so much, I keep thinking I will never try any I won't like. And I love this one. It would certainly fit well into my growing white floral collection. It's actually one I would recommend people start with as it's not as heavy and heady as they can get, so I find it acceptable work perfume.

Notes: green and fruity notes, jasmine, ylang ylang, frangipani, osmanthus, neroli, oakmoss, amber, white musk and vanilla.

It starts off smelling fresh and not yet completely tropically lush, you can detect it's somewhere in there, but the sun hasn't risen to its zenith yet and the lushness hasn't permeated everything, there is still a fresh, green breeze wafting. The fruity sweetness you smell is more the cocktails on the beach variety than actual fruit, it has that slight plasticky, candy smell that actually works here. I personally find it great. :)
And then as the sun heats you up on the beach while you're drinking your cocktail, the jasmine and yland-ylang sneak up on you and seduce you into feeling even more relaxed.

I need to see what other people think of this as I find this a very polite lush, white floral, I am not the most objective person in that regard as I could drown in them. But I do think this one will not raise any eyebrows if you wear it to work. It just might get your colleagues to wonder where did you spend your weekend exactly.

After the initial fruity sweetness, it's no longer that sweet, just what the flowers and vanilla give you and it's also very polite. And it dries down into a soft, vanillic floral just hinting at that lushness of white, sandy tropics.

A thoroughly enjoyable ride. :)

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  1. Oy, you make this sound so good, Ines. You've put the thought of soft ocean breezes into my head, with the scent of tropical flowers wafting delicately from a distance away.

  2. Now I feel like I want to go to Hawaii or somewhere else warm. I would bring all my samples of Ormonde Jayne florals, and this one too! I haven't tried this yet, but now I just might.

  3. Suzanne, I'm sometimes surprised myself when I start writing how many nice words come out regarding some perfumes. I somehow missed this perfume house before and now I'm glad that the first perfume I tried turned out so well for me.

  4. Carrie, I always want to go a tropical island to enjoy the sun and sand. I do hope eventually I'll get to one, in the meantime, summers at the Adriatic coast will have to do. Well, they do quite nicely but tropics are tropics after all. ;)

  5. Ines, that sounds wonderful! You are right the Adria is not bad at all, but a tropical Island would do me a world of good right now. I have never heard of that line! Is there any other perfume you would think is similar to Casta Diva?

  6. Went to their web-site... All in Italian (is that right?)! Wonder if this is even sold in North America. Tx for giving me something to investigate...

  7. Olfactoria, I've been thinking about your question for two days and even though I went through in my mind through every white flower/lush scent I know, none are really similar enough. Everything else seems to be more amped up in comparison.

  8. Jolanta, it is originally in Italian so you need to click on English underneath the left menu. But I can't find where you can buy them from their site unfortunately. I do think Luckyscent carries some.