Monday, November 28, 2011

It seems I love Gin-tonic more than I knew - Juniper Sling

Well, I might not be fast but I get there in the end. :)

I have to admit I received the samples of Juniper Sling quite a while ago (measured in months, not weeks) and I wanted to write about it but the time never seemed right.
(I should also mention there are quite a few more samples I received waiting their turn)

The thing is, I kept thinking that this was not the right season to talk about a perfume I considered a summer one.
But you see, the thing is, this perfume is the equivalent of gin-tonic. And although that might sound as a refreshing drink, it's not a singularly summer one, is it?
I mean, I can imagine having one this time of year too. Easy and sparkly, refreshing and calming after a hard day.
And before anyone starts thinking I consider alcohol as a solution, I don't. I just believe it helps unwind from a work-day and lets you relax a bit.

And that is what Juniper Sling does for me. After the initial burst of junipery gin-tonic freshness to perk you up a bit, it actually relaxes me.
I breathe it in and I can feel my mind and body relaxing with the exhale.

For me, it smells bitterly sparkly, slightly herbal and very juniperish (or anyway of a evergreen tree - I still have a hard time distinguishing between them).
The smell itself doesn't change that much - it retains that gin-tonic spiced with juniper feel but at the drydown it gets more into skin scent teritorry, acquiring a salty tang underneath, less sparkly, more musky. Perfectly relaxing.

I honestly didn't think this would get under my skin - I guess I just wasn't aware of the fact that I was a gin-tonic lover...

I'll leave you with the video made for the release - I really loved it. :)

Head notes: Cinnamon, Orange Brandy, Angelica, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Leather, Black Pepper, Orris Wood
Base Notes: Brown Sugar, Black Cherry, Vetiver, Ambrox

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  1. I love gin and I think Juniper Sling is very good.

    I have to admit that I seldom drink gin in winter. To me it is best on a dog-day hot summer day, full to the brim with ice and with lime. I'll drink gin with lemon, but lime is definitely my preferred citrus. Hmm, I think alcohol is the solution... (only kidding)!

  2. Michael, you know, my prefered summer drink is actually beer during the beach days and cool white wine in the evening.
    I need more liquid with less alcohol in the summer and beer is practically a national drink here. :)
    But gin-tonic is actually for me the easy choice in the evenings any time of year. And I never thought about that until smelling Juniper Sling.

    Btw, alcohol might be the solution on particular days. ;)

  3. I can see this being very nice on a crisp winter night -- just like a gin and tonic! (Well, I don't like G&T, but maybe a gin martini.)

    I'm glad you got around to reviewing it. I think sometimes it is actually easier to take in the reviews when they are not all together at the same time.

  4. apb, honestly, gin martini sounds good. :)
    Yes, I really enjoy drinking good alcohol.

    I agree with not reviewing something at the same time with everyone else - I always feel I'd be influenced in my opinion by everything I read.

  5. I'd probably love Juniper Sling because gin and tonic is my absolute favorite mixed drink, though I can get into a good martini now and then. I'm a lightweight drinker (in my neck of the woods, what is known as the "cheap date"), but I agree with you, a drink after work is not a bad thing at all.

    (And I could drink a beer anytime, though I don't. Mmmmm, there are some good artisanal beers being produced these days.) :)

  6. Suzanne - a "cheap date", huh? You had me laughing at that. :)

    I drink less and less beer because its effect is not flattering to my silhouette but sometimes it's the best drink (when you're tired and thirsty and hot). :)
    There aren't really many artisanal beers available here but those few I tried were great.

  7. I'm a little late with commenting: my week was hectic, I read the review days ago but didn't have time to comment then.

    I love G&T. I don't drink it too often because it effects me more than I like to be effected by my drinks. But I love it. That's why I was eager to try Juniper Sling. I went to the only store around that carries that brand. When I asked a very self-important SA if they had Juniper Sling, he reacted as if I just invented the name... Well, I'll try it eventually because from what I read about it I'll like it.

  8. Undina, I hate those kinds of SA experiences but they happen to me often here.
    I hope you get some to try soon and that you'll like it. :)
    You'll let us know, won't you?

  9. Yay - my dashboard works - so I can actually read your blog again!
    Well, I will try those. I have never had Juniper Sling, but it would almost be a good antidote to all the X-massy liquid candy I have been pouring myself lately..

  10. Jolanta, I'm happy to hear you can finally read my blog again. :)
    I just wish I could comment again on yours.

    And Juniper Sling would work great to combat the Christmasy sweetness. :)

  11. I am glad you love this one too! I am a big fan of G & T, though I am on a low-alcohol kick at the moment for health reasons - boo!

  12. Vanessa, oh dear. :(

    I'd hate to be on low-alcohol kick and I sincerely hope you get better soon (whatever it is that is curbing your alocohol intake).