Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little help would be welcome :)

A friend of mine, Ankica of Bellatrix perfumes would be very grateful if anyone interested in (natural) perfumes could answer a little questionnaire she has up on her site:

Thank you!


  1. Filled it out. One thing I'm curious about: Am I really really rare in not caring all that much about sillage, projection, or longevity in a perfume? These tend to be things that people complain about with natural perfumes, and I generally shrug. :) I'm just as happy for a perfume to finish its cycle and fade in a couple of hours; I can start the cycle over again or wear something else.

  2. CF, I've been thinking about that too.
    I never discuss sillage and longevity in my reviews and honestly I don't even pay much attention to it. The fact that I don't think in such terms only became clear to me after I read many reviews that do take that into account.
    Unless it disappears in under half an hour, I don't really notice the longevity. Nor do I judge the quality of a perfume by it.