Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sometimes the most unexpected things occur to me.
Although, I probably shouldn't call them unexpected. It's just the fact that they haven't occurred before that makes them unexpected but then again, every idea anyone has could be called that. :)

Basically, I realized I hoard my samples and decants.
Especially decants.
They are rather small to begin with (compared to bottles) and are either 5 or 10 ml of perfumes I like, and would like to know better (so I can review them).
But that same size makes them rather fleeting, when compared to bottles, so I'm scared of using them, in order not to use them up before I get the chance to write about them.
I realize it's rather stupid, because if I wore them, I'd have a better chance of actually talking about them than now, when I'm hesitating of wearing them in order not to use all of what I have.

That is also why this winter I've been rotating 5 bottles I have in order not to spend any of the decants I have. Which I guess contributes to the winter blues I'm experiencing, but hopefully, now I'm aware of my perfume hoarding tendencies, I'll be able to combat them with spraying decants with abandon. :)
After all, they are a legion. :)

Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. I absolutely have a tendency to hoard decants! I hate finishing things -- even samples, I always want to save just a little drop, unless I know it will be easy to come by more. But I'm running out of storage room for decants and samples so I'm trying to get over this.

  2. I can relate to this with certain of my smaller decants, definitely - say the ones with 3-5ml in them. I don't use a lot of them because I am afraid of them running out. However, why I also ignore the bigger ones ranging from 8ml - 30ml I can't explain, as I am not realistically going to run out of them any time soon. I routinely take out my boxes of bigger decants, pulling out half a dozen or ten of them at a time to remind myself of what I have, before sticking them straight back in the box again.

    You may have put your finger on something quite odd there...

  3. I only seem to hoard the last wearing or two - before that, I'll happily use a decant/sample if it's handy.

    But the "if it's handy" is the difficulty. All of my samples are currently in two nice little cardboard storage boxes, so I have to get a box down and dig through a drift of little plastic envelopes to find one. It occurs to me that I should take out a random five or ten and put them in a shot glass among the full-size bottles. Maybe I'd use them then.

  4. That is why I don't particularly like decants, I don't use them for fear of not having enough... I can totally relate. :)

  5. Elisa, exactly!
    I hate not having a little left for future comparing purposes and like you, I'm running out of space (since a lot of goes to my books). :)

  6. He, he, Vanessa, I tend to ignore my larger decants too. I'm guessing it's the same reason, they are just not as big as a bottle.
    I'm planning on taking out several decants at a time, and placing them in front of everything so I'd wear them and get to know them better (they are all decants of stuff I like so why not?).

  7. ChickenFreak, my decants are relatively handy, in a large open box where I can take them out. But the problem is it's a large box and I need to pull each one out in order to see what's in it and then I usually can't find the one I'm looking for. :)
    So, that's why I'll rotate 5-10 in front of everything.

  8. Olfactoria, I find decants both more economical and practical as I would never ever use up bottles of every perfume I like if I owned them. But now it seems I like them enough not to want to use up my decants. :)
    I'll work on my hoarding tendencies...

  9. For those in the US, Container Store (maybe there's a European equivalent?) sells a lipstick holder, a clear lucite step-down with around 20 compartments. It's perfect for the 5 ml decants. They also sell one with bigger compartments which is perfect for the larger ones. It's pictured in the blog entry I wrote Feb. 7. I find that I'm using my decants more this way than I did when they were in a box.

  10. Olfacta, I just went to check the pic on your blog and that would certainly make it easier to see what decant contains what (and be handy).
    Thank you for the suggestion! :)
    I just have to find now the place that sells these - we don't have an exact container store but I'm guessing it could be found someplace else.

  11. Maitre et Gantier. Ja patim za Pafum d'Habit.
    koji je tvoj najdrazi?


  12. It's interesting! I need to investigate more - since I have the field in the database where I track the type of the container (FB, travel bottle, large decant, etc.). Probably I can do it for my monthly Stats post - thank you for the idea! :)

  13. Juraj, nisam to probala, ali M et G su linija koja mi se čini izrazito zanimljivom.
    Za kojim patim? Teško pitanje. :)
    Vjerojatno za vintage verzijama Vent Vert, Chanel 19 i Shalimara.

  14. Undina, I would love to see you track this. :) I wonder what we'll be able to glean from your statistics.

  15. Interesting question! For me, I think I'm more likely to hoard smaller amounts of perfumes I really like, rather than it specifically being related to samples or decants. The number of perfumes I feel I am hoarding is pretty small in general. So why do I have so many, I wonder? :)

  16. He, he Natalie, I wonder too. :)
    I must say, I did what I said I would and yesterday took in front decants I am now going to wear and test.
    Now, to see how successful I'll be with that...

  17. i do this too! sounds like we are all alike here!

  18. He, he Christi, it does sound like once you fall down the perfume rabbit hole, perfume hoarding becomes standard practice. ;)
    I can't help it - there is so much to smell and love...