Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jardin du Poete - where summer's heat dissipates

Sometimes I wonder why I even try reviewing perfumes when my opinion of the same perfume tends to vary. OK, it's not like I go from liking something to hating something, but it's not rare for me to think I absolutely love something, then to testi it again and think, yes, it's ok, I like it, but why did I think I loved it so much?

Luckily for me, that part of it's good but not great didn't last long with Jardin du Poete. It was only a blip on the screen (or arm to be exact). :)

I find this to be invigorantingly refreshing. Not sweet in any context. Perfect for summer but also the thing I crave in the spring as it's green!
I mean, it smells green.
Green, grapefruity and well, cypressy, but in my case, every tree of the evergreen sort translates in my mind into fir-like. :) OK, so I still can't tell the difference. I'm learning...

This is also the perfume where it became obvious for me that I really work better with deciphering perfumes when I have no access to notes.
If I see the notes, then I keep trying to smell them and transfer my experience into them. When I don't have them, I write down what I can smell.
In this case, what I smelled was green, bitingly citrusy, I thought lemon peel, until I caught the grapefruit smell. And well, like I said, fir-like. Only the fir I smelled was actually a cypress. :)

It slowly loses the initial intensity while retaining the initial notes until it hits the real drydown where the warm, hay-like vetiver gets in.
It sort of fills the whole between what cologne should smell like if it were a perfume.
I love it for the freshness it brings. It instantly makes the heat back away and it lets you get some fresh air into your lungs.
It's perfect for the summer but in my case, it will also be perfect for my spring quest for greenery and freshness.

Notes: orange, grapefruit, basil, angelica, immortelle, pink pepper, cypress, vetiver, musk.

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  1. You've captured it perfectly, it is a green fresh scent and great for warm weather.

  2. Thank you Krista. :)
    The first time I smelled it, I thought, Finally. One of those perfumes I always wanted but couldn't find.

  3. Ines, that sounds just so lovely the way you describe it. Thanks for a beautiful review :-)

  4. Hey Asali, thank you!
    It is lovely, refreshingly lovely. :)

  5. Sounds breezy and beautiful, Ines.

    I'm catching up on blog reading this weekend...loved your descriptions of the Midsummer's Dream perfumes, too. Good name for the project, as the scents do sound very dreamy and playful in spirit, judging by your lovely posts.

  6. Thank you Suzanne! :)
    It is breezy and beautiful.
    I loved participating in the Midsummer's project, I really enjoyed the synergy between literature and perfumes and I do wish I'll get more chances of participating again in similar projects.

  7. Hi Ines,
    It looks I'm able to comment again!
    I was curious and wanted to ask: how did it happen that you decided to try this perfume? Was it because of the perfumer? Or brand? Were you actively seeking the sample or did it just find you?

  8. Hi Undina,
    I noticed I'm able to comment on some blogs too.
    Regarding the sample, I actively seeked it. :) Actually, I wanted the Nombres d'Or and while ordering those, I thought what else did I hear that sounded interesting, and remembered this.
    I liked the reviews I read, it sounded like sth I'd like and I do like most of the things Mr. Duchafour does. :)