Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost strangled by tuberose: L'Artisan Tubereuse

The title might sound as if I didn't like what I smelled and that would be very wrong. But it isn't that simple.

I wonder what tuberose fans think of this one? I only dabbed it on my wrist and I got hit by a tuberose wall (for a lack of better description).

Notes: tuberose, ylang-ylang, coconut milk.

As you can see, there aren't really that many notes to decipher but I still didn't smell coconut milk. :) It's camouflaged in all the tuberose.

Anyway, my nose was almost glued to my wrist after putting it on - it actually smelled narcotic to me. And I think this is the first time that my mind instantly associated tuberose with smelling tropical. The smell is actually so strong and saturated that I could feel the imagined tuberose jungle lianas winding around me while I stand there dazed and keep smelling it.

And although I really enjoyed smelling it, I'm not sure I would be able to wear it. I just can't imagine smelling like that (not that that might not happen, who knows what will be my favourite note year from now?).

I guess I did smell ylang-ylang because I got the feeling of tropical lushness. This is the first scent for which I can say that it grabs you by the neck and doesn't let go with its intensity. I'm sure if you're not careful with applying, you are definitely going to give yourself a headache. But you will probably be drugged by the smell, so you might not care. :)

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  1. I haven't tried this one, though it sounds hardcore as tuberose scents go!

  2. Oh yes it is. At least, I find it so - I really haven't checked what other people think about it. But it's definitely worth a try. :)
    I just read your spiky and fluffy list and realized I haven't smelled almost any of those you listed. Ooops. :)

  3. Yum. Sounds like a great test for my Tuberose Tolerance Level.

  4. This is the only soliflore tuberose that I *truly* love-- milky, tropical, creamy-- Your description of it is so perfect, Ines!!

    I just makes me swoon!! It's just waaaaay too strong for me to wear on my skin, though. I have to smell it from afar...

  5. Ines, I have never sampled this but now I must! Your wonderful review has me in a swoon for another narcotic tuberose.

  6. CF, definitely. I wonder what you will think of it. :) I haven't gotten so enraptured in a fragrance in a long time.

  7. LCN, exactly! Swoon is an apt description of how this makes you feel. Slightly weak at the knees and at its mercy. ;)

  8. Suzanne, I'm glad to hear you got interested in smelling this. I keep wondering though, how can one wear it? It smells wonderful but as LCN said, I just can't imagine wearing it.
    But then, if I wanted someone to smell me and swoon, hmmm, there's potential there. ;)

  9. Thanks so much for the introduction, I could use a bit of the tropics here in cold Canada so next time I'm at the perfume counter I'll be sure to try it.
    Warm regards and a lovely weekend my dear.

  10. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear... I just posted a review on this one the other day, in which I said it was, I quote, boring.

    Yeah, I said it: boring. I might feel differently about it if I a) didn't already love tuberose and b) hadn't first tried Fracas, Beyond Love, Tuberose Couture, and Carnal Flower. What did you think of those?

    New blog address, by the way:

    Now I'm going to go hunting all over your blog for tuberose reviews...

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  12. I'm so glad Mals86 said it first - as far as tuberose scents go - I think the L'Artisan is boring, too.

    Other similar Tubes to try: AG Tubereuse, MPG Tubereuse, DSH Tubereuse (I love the DSH) and the new Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trilogy. You probably know to skip the Jo Malone Tube - it's a snore.

    I used to luv luv luv tuberose fragrances but the past year or so they've all gone wonky on me. Now I can only wear tuberose-orientals. Divine edp is a nummy one.

  13. Simone, thank you - I did have a lovely weekend (restful). :)
    Let me know what you think of it once you try it.

  14. Hey Mals, well, I haven't had much experience with tuberose up to now, it just didn't strike me as something I might wear so I didn't give it much thought.
    Now I have to hunt down yours and Abigail's suggestions. :) Maybe I'll find one of them more wearable than this.
    I'll go see what you wrote about it. :)

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  16. Abigail, I love DSH as well so I will definitely order her tuberose to try.
    I wonder, do you find it boring because there aren't many facest to it?
    And if there are much better tuberoses out there, how am I going to survive them? ;)

  17. Oh, you just made my day by writing this. I have this one too and you described it to the T. Makes me laugh...

  18. Thanks Anon! :) So if you own a bottle, do you wear it? And how does it work for you - do you apply very sparingly? :)