Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coming up!

I don't know if anyone noticed the lack of posts recently here (luckily, I can count on Asali to put in one or two to make it look like something is happening).

Well, at least tomorrow, I can happily announce there will be some perfume reviews (both by me and many other wonderful bloggers).

Sometimes I really need a shove at my back and everything returns to normal again (I hope tomorrow is that day). :)

So stay tuned and have fun tomorrow with us!


  1. Looking forward to your posts, Ines!

  2. Ines, Posting goes in cycles, at least for me, so it seems normal to have some down time now and then.

    Looking forward to more posts soon!

  3. Doc Elly, I noticed that as soon as I get under stress, first thing that goes is my blogging.
    Although I don't see why it should as it doesn't really require that much time and energy but when you lack both, I guess it gets a bit difficult to find more for blogging. :)