Friday, October 26, 2012

Temple Mathews: The New Kid

Honestly, this is getting worrying - I don't seem to read anything much aside from YA. I just wish I would read a blurb that sounded interesting and it didn't belong to a YA novel.
I wonder what does that say about me?

And is it only me who thinks blurbs are a very good way to make you not want to read a certain book?

Ok, on to the novel in question. It is the first in series and I plan on reading on. And I read it without interrupting it with something else. :)

I wasn't terribly pleased with being immersed into Will's life without any background, just having to take it all for granted but it all got explained during the story.
These days I'm reading some strange, new stories in the YA world. Not that I mind, that is probably why I can finish them without interruption.
Anyway, Will fights demons and discovers too late why that wasn't such a great thing to do. The interesting thing though is at one point you are not sure who is doing what for what purpose and I mean that in a good way - there is just no guessing the reasoning behind some of the actions and who might turn out to be a good guy. Or who is truly evil.

So, the whole story is very action-packed, which is also why I wanted some background on the 16-year old who can do all that. And Will is a strange kind of a super-hero and a genius to boot. ;)

One thing I noticed lately, coming up often in the novels I read, is the abrupt change of voices who are telling the story, so you need to pay attention when it switches without any previous warning.

What I was left wondering after reading this book is how come the author made the people of that little town almost all lean to the evil side and choose evil? Does it really seem like such an easy choice to most people?

My ebook came courtesy of Netgalley.


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