Thursday, October 13, 2011

The sweet smell of fall...

This year, autumn has taken its sweet time in arriving. :)

Practically, until week ago, we've been having summer days - I think that was the longest I remember of having such sunny, warm days.
This September in Zagreb was the warmest since the start of measuring temperatures (some 150 years ago), so I guess that tells you a lot.

I'm not one to enjoy the summer heat, but the warm, balmy days we had, suited me fine. The only problem was that my fall/winter perfume collection kept beckoning, and I kept giving it a wide berth. The time to wear it just wasn't right.

Well, now it is. :)

My collection got turned around so that the perfumes that warm me up are now close at hand, and those that cool me off, are having a vacation.

I also noticed that my mood for perfume these days leans toward the more masculine of the warm genre. Dry, herbal patchoulis, dry woods, sniping orientals.
I guess you might say I'm not in a mellow mood these days... ;)

(which is mainly caused by work and me finally starting to learn to stand up for myself - I hope...)

Pic is mine - the Versailles gardens. :)


  1. Hi Ines,

    Glad the time is now right for your autumn scents and I hope you find them soothing whenever your mood is a bit frazzled. I am still testing things that should probably be construed as summer perfumes, but our weather is still pretty mild, not that I am not one to pay too much attention to such things. When it is properly cold though, I know I will be more drawn to the furrier, fuzzier end of the spectrum!

  2. Hello Ines,

    Thank you for posting a photo of the Versailles gardens in Autumn. I love it there and mostly see it in the Spring or Summer.

    In Southern California we are officially in Autumn but are having hot temperatures the last few days...

    Summer scent one day...2 days later I wear an Autumn one...It makes life more interesting...

  3. Another thankful reader (viewer) from Northern California. Very warm weather (not complaining, just stating the fact). But I'm sure that soon my Fall scent will go into the rotation.

  4. I'm glad you are starting to stand-up for yourself, Ines. It's very hard if you'd rather do anything than have a confrontation (like me) but it's really important to your self-esteem to learn to do it. You will feel so much better afterwards. Hope those masculine autumn perfumes are giving you strength.

    We had the warmest September day since records began last month too - and they say there's no such thing as Global Warming! Really enjoying wearing Une Rose, Portrait of a Lady and Mitsouko now it's getting cooler (definitely not what you'd call masculine perfumes!).

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying warm weather. It's perfectly sunny here but not so warm - we're having some perfect autumnal days. :)

    P.S. I test perfumes the way they appear - I don't pay much attention to seasons, only to later put them in their proper boxes for when the season is here. :)

  6. Hi Joanne, yes, you do seem to be having interesting time perfume-wise, mixing it. :)
    I would really love visiting Versailles in the late spring, it must be absolutely stunning to walk around those gardens then.
    And the palace... I sigh in remembrance. :)
    I could go walk there every week (if I lived in Paris of course).

  7. Undina, I'm thankful for the lovely weather we had so I can imagine you're enjoying the warmth as much as you can.
    All too soon winter days will be upon us.
    I do hope it snows seriously this winter too. :) I love snow.

  8. Thank you Tara.
    Yes, I hate confrontations as I seem to think they are a waste of time, if we're all adults, normal, unoffensive behaviour should be the norm.
    But, I do live in a rather idealistic world in my head so I'm trying to keep that in my head and not transfer it upon the real world I live in.
    Small steps. :)

    YOu're in a much more feminine fumes than I am, I see. ;)

  9. Standing up for yourself is always a good thing, and I'm sure you do it in a very nice and non-offensive way, since that is clearly your style. :)

    I'm glad you're getting some fall weather to go along with your current perfume mood. We are still warm in northern California, as Undina said, but I'm starting to look toward fall.

  10. Dear apb, thank you for saying that. :)
    I'd say I was nice and polite about it, simply stating why I didn't appreciate a certain treatment. It wasn't such a big deal but as I always let go of minor infringements, it seemed people starting taking it for granted.
    And that is one thing I really hate, being taken as the one who will go over everything just because I try to be nice and helpful.
    Sorry for the rant now. :)