Saturday, September 24, 2011

Your favourite perfume moment(s)?

I'm finally reading Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove and can't help but ponder the subject.
Not that I don't ponder perfumes as a subject regularly. ;)

But at one point, it hit me.

I have a favourite perfume memory!

It was the moment I smelled Shalimar and fell in love (that wasn't even close to my first try).
Closely followed when the same thing happened with Vent Vert and Chanel 19.

Do you have a favourite perfume moment? More than one?


  1. Do I have favorite perfume memories? I smiled (and almost laughed) when I read your question: I've built my blog almost completely around those moments. I realize that in a while I'll run out of those stories/memories and will do more "real life" posts but so far telling those scented memories was the main focus of all my writings.

  2. Ines, for me possibly my favourite memory was when I first smelled Frederic Malle's Vetivery Extraordinaire. To this day I still haven't written about this perfume in any detail because it defines everything that to me is great about a perfume. That moment truly opened my mind to how much of an art perfumery can be.

  3. Sorry, I meant Vetiver, not Vetivery!

  4. One of my favorite perfume moments is when I finally realized what Estee Lauder Aliage reminded me of - the bath salts my mother sometimes poured into my bath water as a special treat.

  5. Hi Undina, yes, now you mention it, you do talk a lot about scented memories. :)
    Is there one that is more close to your heart than the others perhaps?

  6. Michael, that is what happened to me with Shalimar - like someone suddenly opened a door in my mind and many things I tried to understand in perfumeland suddenly became clear.

    P.S. I like Vetivery as a name. :) Someone should use it.

  7. JoanElaine, your memory gave me goosebumps! What an incredibly lovely thing to remember. :)

  8. Ines, just for you! :)
    In my childhood there weren't that many perfumes available (even for adults) so I remember when I was eleven or twelve my friends and I would go to a store and buy a vial (1-1.5 ml, it looked like a modern carded sample) of a rose oil and use it as a perfume. But since it was relatively expensive I remember I decided to make my own: I collected rose petals in grandmother's garden, put them in a jar and poured some water... I remember that water smelled very nice for a day or two. And then it turned. That was when I realized that making a perfume was slightly harder than just mixing flowers and a dissolving liquid.

  9. My favorite moment was the discovery of a whole world of perfume fans just like me on the internet - my Perfumeland. That felt great! (And still does!) :)

  10. Thank you Undina!
    And thanks for making me remember! :) I did exactly that one summer and wondered how can rose water be made from rose petals and water when I couldn't do it. :)

  11. Olfactoria, Perfumeland is a great discovery. :) Although I seem to have gone the opposite way.
    First I discovered the Perfumeland and then I went to check what is all this they are talking about and I had no idea existed previously. :) And here we all are now!