Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling gluttonous and ready to write

Luckily for me, the gluttony is only perfume related. :)

I feel so very lucky because in the last month or so I received so many wonderful packages, some from swaps, some I ordered, and some just because perfume people are very generous.

I'm nowhere near to smelling them all and I feel it's going to take some time before I even smell them once, let alone write about them.

But, and I hope the feeling lasts, I feel eager and ready to write about many wonders I've been smelling recently so I hope to get on with it soon.
The only problem I have at the moment is the intense heat here so coming home and sitting behing a computer writing is not even remotely comfortable (no AC there).

Hopefully, the heat will dissipate somewhat (and soon!), although judging by forecast, not much but at least it won't be 37 degrees Celsius in the most humid town I've ever been to. I actually don't feel well most of the time.

Anyway, I want to get some reviews done about perfumes and people who deserve more recognition and about some perfumes that get recognition without any help. :) Many of which landed in my lap without much work from me.

Like I said, I feel very lucky. :)

Pic is mine.


  1. Well, the best you can do is fan yourself -- and stay in the shade.
    Looking forward to reading your reviews - and, I hope you enjoyed your holidays! (I am dreaming to visit your city sometime..)

  2. Thanks Jolanta.
    I actually have a spritz-bottle at home with water so I spray some all over me and that helps.
    I did enjoy my holidays - could have enjoyed them a bit more if I didn't have to work. :)
    Btw, it seems most of the commenting I did on blogs while on vacation didn't work (I noticed my comment on your blog was lost as well...). Oh well. :)

  3. (Sorry to be anonymous, Blogger continues to prevent me signing in.)

    Hope it hasn't been too hard getting back into the swing of things, Ines. I know very hot weather can be miserable, especially without AC - I wish you could send some to the rainy UK! Glad to hear you are feeling inspired and I very much look forward to your reviews when things cool down.


  4. Tara, I have no idea what's that with blogger as I'm forced to comment on every blogger account (including mine) with comments underneath the post with Name/URL, that's the only thing that works for me.
    I'm slowly getting back into my routine, I wouldn't mind sending this heat to anyone just so it wouldn't be so awfully hot here.
    We're supposed to reach 38 degrees Celsius today.
    Talk about hellish temperatures...

  5. I hate when it's hot so I completely understand how you feel. But I have an important question: do you do anything special to protect your perfumes under these weather conditions.

  6. Undina, unfortunately nothing much.
    Most of my collection is in wooden cupboards in darkness, so I'm hoping several days of warmth (I don't think it's that warm inside them) might not harm them much.
    I hope...

  7. I hope you get some relief from the sizzling heat.

    This time of year, I find the mornings cool, but the afternoons are scorching hot.
    By the evening rolls around, the air cools off a little, but it's sooo warm inside the house!

    C'mon Autumn!

  8. JoanElaine, I finally did get some relief! Yeeey! :D
    Honestly, I feel so much better today, the temperature has dropped some 10-12 degrees, which doesn't mean it's cold, it's still going to be around 26 degrees Celsius today. But when I breathe, I actually feel I'm getting oxygen in. So good. :)