Friday, July 8, 2011

Sabrina Jeffries: The Forbidden Lord

I have to say I am immensely happy that this whole genre exists (romance) because when my life gets too stressed, they are the ones I reach for.
Something easy to read and relax, without having to concentrate much on the intricacies of the story and possibly losing a crucial information along the way.

Ok, so, what I just wrote doesn't sound particularly positive but that's not how I meant it. :)

I've tried a lot of different romance authors but there are some I know I cannot go wrong with. And Sabrina Jefrries is one of them.
For some reason, I skipped the first novel in the Lords series as it sounded like there wasn't aristocracy involved but as that couple is referenced in subsequent novels, I can see I'll have to go back.
Not that that would be a hard thing to do. :)

So, the story is well, typical. :) Wherein lies the beauty.
Jordan doesn't believe in love, having bad experience of his parents marriage but meets a rector's daughter Emily by accident and is intrigued by her but as that was an accidental  meeting, there's not much chance of them meeting again.
That is, until she is forced into a scheme by a mean lord and has to play a part that goes against everything she believes in but has to do it to save her father.  Too complicated for me to explain but the story is easy and fun to read.

So much so in fact that I had tp start with the next one in the series, The Dangerous Lord even though I have exams to deal with.

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