Friday, May 6, 2011

Choices, choices...

Sometimes the fact that I smell so many perfumes and have ideas of them in my head is very frustrating

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's wedding and for the past week I've been thinking about what perfume to wear.
I finally decided to go with lush white flowers and thought I might choose Carnal Flower and wanted to try it on before deciding, only to find out after a 2 day search that:
1) I either misplaced it so thouroughly that I won't be able to find it until tomorrow
2) or I remembered wrongly and don't have it at all and the image in my mind is of sth else.

Both options are equally possible I'm afraid. :)

So, now I'm back to deciding what to wear.

I was thinking possibly FdO by SL but that might prove too much for people around me. I'm guessing it will be a tuberose but that still doesn't narrow it down. My first choice though is Vamp a NY because it's flirty and happy and I believe enjoyable all around.

But I'm also considering Cruel Gardenia, any of the Histoires de Parfums Tuberose trio, A la Nuit, Tubereuse Criminelle and I'm open to all suggestions.


  1. If it was me, I'd go for Robert Piguets Fracas. Both fun and classy at the same time, smelling of tuberose, peaches, orange flowers and more. I tried it at a department store earlier this week and I'm just crazy about it! A wedding would be the perfect reason to score a bottle :)

  2. Ines, what about Serge Luten's Fleurs de Citronnier instead of Fleur D'Oranger? I find it a little less forceful, but still full of character and perfect for a spring wedding.

  3. I know this dilemma! I have a wedding to go to in two weeks and am already thinking about my perfume. :) You could think about Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia or Casta Diva... but I think Vamp is a great choice!

  4. Thanks flavourfanatic. :) I'll try and find my sample and see if it will work (I still have time). :)

  5. Michael, that sounds like a great choice. :) the problem is I neither have Fleurs de Citronnier and am not familiar with the smell (sometimes, I really lack the knowledge most perfumistas seem to have). :)

  6. Thanks Birgit, Casta Diva is a good choice (I'm not familiar with Tuberose Gardenia though).
    Btw, you know what just happened a minute ago? I was looking for Fracas and came up with Carnal Flower. :D
    Now I definitely don't know what I'll wear. I'll choose randomly I believe before going out. :)