Sunday, April 3, 2011

Found another one - Under the Arbor by CB I hate perfume

It's finally dawning on me that if I want to find something new and interesting to wear (for any purpose really), I only need to dig deeper into the recesses of my perfume collection and I'll be sure to find something that fits.
I know why I skipped this one, I thought it might be similar to Black March which I love to smell but can't wear so I just didn't feel the need to try Under the Arbor.

That is, until a few days ago while on the lookout for spring scents.

If I imagine sitting under the arbor (I'm not imagining the grape one which was the starting point for this one), I'd imagine sitting in the shade of a large tree, on a bed of grass, enjoying the warmth of the sun safely away from its rays and smelling the  nature around me.

Under the Arbor doesn't transport me there actually. And definitely not into a summer day.
It starts for me smelling of bark and grass in the morning, when it doesn't smell sweet but more earthy. I didn't realize it until this one came along, that when spring comes, I need scents that are grounding and not too exuberant as spring is exuberant itself, so I need something to temper that and make me feel alive at the same time.
And what better way to do that then bring one into contact with nature?

Notes: crushed grape leaves, weathered wood, green moss, cool earth

At some point it reminded me a bit of Black March due to the whole earthy vibe but while I can't wear the earthiness that is Black March, I can wear this one. Because even though it doesn't transport me into a summer day under the arbor, it does something even better.

As the perfume progressed, I got the distinct feeling that the sun was gaining height and the spring air around me started warming and with it the sweetness of air got stronger. It is as if you sat under that arbor in the relative spring coolness of the morning and reclined there in the peace of nature while the sun kept rising and warming your little spring paradise.

Honestly, that is one of the better experiences you can smell bottled. :)

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  1. Hi, your blog post inspired me to try on some "Under the arbor". I got a sample some time ago, but I dismissed it almost right away for some forgotten reason, but today I loved it. Mabye it's the season, for spring I think it's the perfect scent.

  2. Hey Ines - how long does it last on your skin? I absolutely loved the first blush of Black March, but it didn't wear very long.

  3. YAYYYYyyy!!! I've never read anyone review this Awesome scent which I discovered early last summer and fell in love with! Under the Arbor is So Fresh & Cool & Earthy-sweet, Great for when the earth is waking back up ~ and on some hot and muggy mid-summer days, you'll still long for this scent and find nothing else will do. LOVE this post, Ines! I'm just so Happy you've saluted this off-the-beaten-path GEM. :) :)

  4. This sounds exactly like an experience I would like to have. :)

  5. I love the sound of Under the Arbour. It sounds more like an "experience" than a perfume. Another to add to my list!

  6. Hi flavourfanatic, I'm happy that you like it in the spring too. It's very fitting these days for me. :)

  7. Bloody Frida, I'd say it lasts around 4 hours if not a bit more. It's water perfume but it's slightly oily. I thought it might be gone fast but I'm actually satisfied with the longevity.

  8. Hey Zanne, you're right, I didn't see much mention of this in the blogosphere. And I also realized I should give the CB I hate perfume line more attention. I believe I only tried 5-6 of CB perfumes and they were all interesting and good, so I'm sure there are more gems there to be discovered.

  9. Olfactoria, next time I'm sending something over, I'll put a sample of this as well. You should try it, I'm wondering where it might take you. :)

  10. Yes, JoanElaine, it does sound like "experience" - well, smells like it too. :) It doesn't happen often that a perfume can transport you somewhere but I love it when it does and enjoy it immensely.

  11. Such a lovely review, Ines! I feel like you put me smack-dab in a scene from a novel...Chapter One, the beginning of a fine Spring day. :)

  12. Thank you Suzanne for those lovely words! :)

    Although, if it were a first chapter, someone would have proofread it better than I did. :) I caught a glimpse of a ned instead of bed and then went on to read the rest only to find several more things that needed instant change.
    Oh well, that's what happens when you write in a hurry.

  13. don't you love the CB's? they are so interesting, if I had my own perfumes this is how I'd want them to be- I'm newly obsessed with In the Library myself- do you know that one?

  14. Rose, now that you said it, yes, I do love the CBs. I haven't tried many but those I did, I loved.
    And no, I didn't try In the LIbrary which now seems like a terrible oversight on my part - I love books and libraries very much.