Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm back!

And the vacation is officially over. It's been over 24 hours that I'm in Zagreb and I still cannot believe how soon one returns to the usual routine life most of us probably lead.
I actually feel quite rested and I no longer have bags under my eyes (although probably not for long). :) It's time to get back to my usual non-vacation life and I feel ready for all of it (blogging especially).
And like I promised, some pictures from my vacation. Most were taken on our brief visit to the wonderful beach on the island of Krk.

This one is of a garden in Smokvica - it looks very artfully done.

This is what a sunset on the path from Smokvica to the next village of Klenovica looks like:

View from the boat of our side of the island of Krk (you would never guess there was that little beautiful beach hidden somewhere in all these rocks):

View from the beach:

More beach:

This is me getting ready to swim (this was after two weeks in the sun and you can see I don't really tan, or at all when compared to everyone else around me):

View toward the island, very unhospitable for everyone except goats:

The beach is really a little recess among all the rocks:


  1. Oh, that looks absolutely idyllic and I would love to visit! And while Mr Bonkers is a big fan of the area, he would probably need a few more beachside amenities, along the lines of bars with beer and shade...

  2. FS, oh there are amenities everywhere on Croatian beaches, just well, not on this beach. :D
    We spent some great times with friends having beer in the one bar in Smokvica that is located just at the coastline. Wonderful!