Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Perfume thoughts

I feel like a glutton. A perfume glutton that is. As with any other worthwhile sin, you can't do much else while in the throes of that sin. Hmm, that didn't sound very polite. :D

Anyway, I'm aware I haven't written anything about perfume in a while which doesn't mean I haven't been smelling anything, quite the contrary but most of the things I smell, evoke in the best case scenario, a sentence (that usually isn't very positive so I'm not writing them down).

It seems sometimes I'm lucky and I go days on end smelling great stuff - some of it I can't wear but I can still tell it's great and I'm glued to my wrist smelling that greatness. And then comes a period where I start going through some of my accumulated samples and I'm left wondering if it's me or there really is some stuff that shouldn't have seen the light of day (or acquired some place on my arm to be more precise). I'm in such a period at the moment so I decided (just now) for today to just spray on me stuff I know I love to mitigate the effects of the last few days.

Plus, and this will now sound whiny, I'm seriously exhausted. There is still a week left of work and then I'm off to a 3 week vacation (this year I'm taking everything necessary to stay in touch with the virtual world and my friends there) so I'm really looking forward to it. I just need to survive these last days before it's sun and fun for me.

I still have no idea what perfumes I'm taking with me - I know for sure I'm not leaving without Bronze Goddess. :)


  1. bronze goddess is brilliant, the perfect holiday smell.

    if you feel like just writing a sentence why not do that but group some samples together?

  2. Hey dearie!
    Get some rest; don't worry about us! We know you'll be back soon.

    I don't think perfume gluttony is a cardinal sin--maybe a minor one, but oh, the pleasure!

  3. yep, lauder's bronze goddess is a nice fragrance, yet with very poor staying power. but, i am not supposed to complain since it is a EDT.

    happy summer vacation!


  4. Rose, I did consider grouping them but then I thought, I have nothing nice to say so maybe I just shouldn't (although I might have warned someone in time if I had, now that I think about it...).

  5. BV, rest is slowly but surely coming my way. :) And while I wait, I'll just sin some more.

  6. Thanks Sara! :)
    Yes, BG could use some more tenacity but I'll forgive anything as long as it exists in this world.

  7. You bet there are some perfumes that should never have seen the light of day - my "bag of hell" sample collection is testament to that. Subjective, moi?

    Hope you enjoy a well earned rest very shortly!

  8. Vacation! Vacation will probably make all the difference. I seem to have a renewed interest in my sample box since my week off a few weeks ago.

  9. Thanks FS! :) Hmm, bag of hell?
    I have to admit - I'm not saving those I don't like, I put them in a drawer to take out when swapping as added samples. :) I'm awful.

  10. CF, I know the vacation is going to make all the difference, the problem is, it seems too far away still (when I consider the things I have to in the mean time). :)
    A week from now it's fun in the sun!

  11. I am a big fan of vacations. I say, take them. :)

    Ah, we who are in perfume know that you never really give it up. But the processing might not be on the top, as it were. Let it run deep. Recharge. You'll figure it out.

    I still need to comment on your review of "Prep"...

  12. ScentScelf, I would also recommend a vacation, especially at the seaside to anyone. :)
    You are completely right - I need to recharge and will be doing it real soon.

    I'm wondering now what will you say about Prep review...