Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seduced by mint

I keep thinking about how to write about this perfume and decided to start from the pepper mint. The thing that was escaping me while I was smelling it for the first couple of times. And then it hit me - that it was mint I was smelling and then I went to check the notes. And here they are:

Notes: majoram, pepper mint, sage, serpolet, jasmine sambac, grapefruit, clementine, patchouli

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I figure out a note by myself. I am still learning how to distinguish so many stuff that it makes me so happy when I realize I learned to discover something new.

I had time to think a lot about this. It smell more like a cologne to me than a perfume, but I love it so much. The mint and majoram opening just plain do it for me. They make this green, springy, bough smelling perfume into one of the best scents I imagine in the spring. It reminds me of dewy morning cool grass (in the spring).
I just simply love it.
I had to go and check what exactly is serpolet - it turns out it's thyme. And the name of the perfume made me think I might be understanding something wrong, but it turns out it does mean Charmes and Leaves, and it is charming (very much so) and it does smell leafy. :)
I love the fact that sometime after you out it on, it sortb of spreads around you, like you are standing in a meadow smelling it, and then it gets timid and sort of sticks to you. Later it gets into this late spring/early summer sweetness, like some white and yellow flowers blooming on that meadow you are standing in.
I'm lucky that for the time being I have two 2ml samples from TDC but once they go, I will need a bottle of this. It just feels like I'm putting on some herbal perfume healing remedy that speaks to my soul. It makes me smile each time I wear it and makes me so happy I almost get tears in my eyes from it.
And it made me realize I need to get to know the work of Celine Elena much better.

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  1. very interesting blog. just keep writing about niche perfumes. :)

  2. Oh, I am going to send Musette over here. She's a fiend for Charmes & Leaves. Completely bonkers. I like it, but have no romance like she does. Or, as it turns out, you do. :)

    If you do end up with a FB, those TDC bottles are delightfully heavy. They mean business. And the larger size are a sharer/decanters friend...the tops *screw off*! Most awesome. The sprayers on either size are wonderfully solid. (Can you tell I approve?)

    So glad you found a love, and had a success with note identification! It's fun, this path, isn't it?

  3. I own TDC Bergamote, but this is very pleasant too, as is the scent with Ailleurs in the title - they don't go in for overly memorable names, do they?! Am not a huge fan of mint, but this one is happily not the full Wrigley.

  4. Hey Anon, thank you. :) Hope you visit again.

  5. ScentScelf, yes, this is a fun path. I was just thinking this morning that it actually took me around 3 years (that would be sometime now) to start identifying for real what I am smelling. I am wearing Mure et Musc today and now I know how the name applies, before I was just wondering around.
    I wonder what I will smell 2 years from now and can't wait. :)
    Now that you mentioned the bottle, I think when I decide to buy it (and if I'm phrasing it like this, it means I already decided), I'll go for a larger bottle. I love swapping! Btw, I'm still waiting for you to say if there is something of mine you might like... :)

  6. Flittersniffer, I actually like lot of TDC perfumes, but this one just hit all the right buttons. :)
    The full Wrigley?! I love the reference. :D

  7. Wait... am I being totally dense here? This sounds like something I would *love*, but I don't see the title of the perfume anywhere? Help! "TDC"?

  8. (LCN, it's The Different Company Un Parfum de Charmes et Feuilles - Charms n' Leaves, if you don't speak French.)

    Musette lurrrves this one. I might have to try... lovely review, Ines.

  9. LCN, I was just going to explain, and I see Mals beat me to it. :)
    Can you try it somewhere in SF?

  10. Thanks Mals! :)
    I somehow missed that Musette loves this (plenty to love so I totally understand). ;)

  11. I think that my skin eats The Different Company perfumes - when I've tried them, they're lovely and then they're gone. But mint and thyme and marjoram are all pretty determined scents, so maybe that wouldn't happen?

  12. CF, that's bad. Since I really enjoy quite a lot of their stuff - maybe the mint would be able to stick around? :) Let me know when you try it if it survived or was eaten.