Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Laurell K. Hamilton: Circus of the Damned

This is worse than first time around. Now I know what great adventures await me with Anita and I cannot stop reading, I am completely hooked. I was reading until 1 a.m. last night even though I had to get to work this morning, but I just had to finish so today I could start another (which I will do as soon as I finish this). :)

Btw, I need to warn you there may be some spoilers ahead. When I started reading it, I thought I knew which story this was. Then I got through half of the book and started wondering if I mixed some stuff. It turned out I was right at the start, but it just took longer than I expected. And I actually learned something. It bugged me the first time around when she recognizes a vampire and later figures it is a million years old and a Homo Erectus. So today I went googling and Homo Erectus really was that old. :) Wow! It just proves I wasn't paying much attention in school. Ok, I forgot.

I already mentioned in previous posts how I'm getting much more this time around when reading and it was proven again. Like when Lamia (if you haven't read, I'll let you discover her yourself) said that a woman should always have more than one man. :) Boy, is that going to become true for Anita. I can't wait for it. :) You know that means less sleep for me (and I do need enough sleep). But it's just too tense to let go. Especially now I know what to expect.
I just realized I didn't say much about the story - but it's the standard Anita, blood, violence, vampires after her, helping the police, a new guy coming into picture...

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  1. And they only get better and better! more addicting than ever!

  2. Scorpio V, I still cannot believe I got so hooked and I mean, I'm reading them the seconf time, it's not like I don't know what's going to happen, but I just can't wait to go through it again. :)
    Glad to hear there are other people as hooked.