Thursday, December 10, 2009

My favourite Serge Lutens perfume

I found my favourite SL fragrance. Not that I don't like the rest - I actually haven't smelled any of them (except Chergui) that I didn't like and wouldn't mind wearing. It is really strange after you read this that the only SL bell jar I have is actually Chergui. :) I blame it on the SL and the SA working in the Paris boutique. And if you are ever there, don't smell the strips, they are not helpful at all. I smelled all the Bois and didn't particulary like any. Now when I keep getting samples of them, I wonder how come they didn't smell this nice when I was there...

Anyway my favourite is Fille en Aiguilles and I better find a large decant soon (I'm spending much on Christmas presents so I'm not buying myself a bottle - yet).

Notes: vetiver, incense, fruits, pine needles, spices and luminous woody-oriental base.

Ok, so it's not possible to really describe any fragrance - one can get the idea out of the description but until you actually smell it, it is a vague idea you have in your head. After reading the reviews of this I understood there would be pine in it but I didn't think it would smell nice. I thought it might be too strong. I really should know better than to doubt Mr Lutens creations. :)

There is a signature in some of SL creations, especially of the woody line. This one has it as well but that pine needle note and the fruit make it perfect in my opinion (ok, vetiver and incense help as well).

It starts off like boozy pine smell with lightly burnt wood from the fireplace (only wood you would find there, not the smoke). And I couldn't believe it when I got the incense (I'm really proud at being able to discern it), especially because I was never a fan (to put it mildly). I love it here - but it is not too strong so I guess that's why I like it.

I kept wondering about the fruit in this - first I thought it might be more of the candied sort (in the beginning) but then I got this tangy-juicy vibe so I thought maybe some tangerine and pomegranate? I don't really know, I wish someone would tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Anyway, why I love this is because it is like a breath of winter fresh air over the woody-oriental loveliness of SL creations.

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  1. So, I am like one of, say, 12 perfume fanatics on the planet who doesn't ADORE SL. Heaven knows, he gives us lots of choices...

    I haven't tried FeA yet-- from the way you describe it, it sounds like something I *might* like. So far, only "Rousse" and "Gris Claire" have spoken to me at all...

    Someone has to explain it to me!! I feel like the odd girl out!!


  2. I, for one, didn't try Gris Claire but I like Rousse.
    What I think why I lean SL so much is now due to sth Divina posted not so long ago. It seems redheads like the oriental fragrances (a statement made by Miller Harris)and I do fall hard for woody-orientals out there. No wonder then I like all these SL creations. :)

  3. Rita, I fervantly dislike far more Serge Lutens (probably eight) than I passionately love (two - Daim Blond and Serge Noire). Without those two, my general feeling would be "meh." So don't feel too bad.

    I haven't tried Fille en Aiguilles yet; I will. Maybe it'll turn two into three. (Fumerie Turque is another candidate. And Un Lys is growing and growing on me, as my floral tolerance increases, but it wasn't love at first sample.

    Hmm. I'm gonna put on Un Lys today.

  4. Ah....another one in the cult of the pine forest! I love this one, but to me it's sunny forest warmed by the rays. Though you have a point about the juicy fruit in it, pomegranate is a nice idea, could it be it?


  5. Hmm, ChickFreak, I wonder what you will think about it - I like both Daim Blonde and Serge Noire. But then, I'm not in the category of disliking anything by SL because he is re-doing his stuff (even though much of them have his SIGNATURE). I like the signature. :)

  6. E, you got me thinking now. I believe I associate pines with winter because I mostly smell them then and usually while skiing, so whenever I smell pine, I'm automatically transported to snowy hills. :)