Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being strangely busy

I don't know if that ever happens to other people, but before I went away for the long weekend, there wasn't that much work to be done. OK, I had my standard stuff to do, but not too much. Suddenly, since my return, it seems I don't know what to start first and more things just keep piling up and need to be done before Friday because next week is the week when there are 2 state holidays, so everyone will be off someplace where there's fun in the sun (including me). :)

I'll be at the seaside again for a week to enjoy myself and in the meantime I'll post some of the photos from the lovely weekend I had.
I managed to go through the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse books I had (there's only no. 9 left but I don't have it yet) and I wasn't terribly happy with the end of book 8, I turned the page and was surprised to see there's no more. Although, after a while I thought there was no better way to end it. It definitely calls for a next one to be read. Soon I hope. :)
I'm already assembling books for the next week - I'll of course take more than I can actually read - so I'd have a choice, but I think I might read some 5-7, so of course, I'll have at least 10 with me. *grin*
I did take some samples with me to try but in the end, I enjoyed the smell of early summer - the rosemary, sunscreen, sea and fig trees. The place I go to is called Smokvica (which is diminutive of fig) so there are fig trees everywhere and they already have fruit (as in ripe enough to be eaten) - too bad I don't like figs.
And to my suprise, the scent I used when I wanted to wear something was Bath & Body works Chocolate amber which doesn't smell much like chocolate to me (just a little bit a not for long - more like dark chocolate truffles), but smells nice and warm in a sunny way and now that I checked the notes, it is a bit clearer to me why I like it so much. :)
Notes: pineapple, red berries, lemon, honey blossom, rose, jasmine, dark chocolate, honey wood, patchouli, vanilla orchid and musk.

Now some photos:
How it looks when I go in:

The view of a garden nearby:

More sea view:
My beach accesories (the bag contains the book and sunscreen):

The white oleandar in our garden (there's a pink one as well):


  1. Oh you tempt me so with those wonderful images! I won't see the seaside till August!

  2. Well, now, me neither. :( Unless I steal a weekend (I do hope I'll manage that)... A
    t least, you had Paris! :)