Thursday, February 2, 2012

Veronica Blade: Something Witchy This Way Comes

I'm pretty sure it hasn't escaped anyone's notice that except for romance, I am also a fan of YA novels (where there is always romance as well). :)

And I must say, I didn't think I was going to say this (I blame it on Ms Blade) but now that I finally read a stand-alone book, I am wishing for sequels. Usually, I'm upset with the cliffhanger in all those YA series but now I read this and enjoyed it a lot, I wish there were more adventures for Tessa and Hayden.
Tessa who is Miss Perfect (and I don't mean it in a condescending way) and Hayden who is the poster bad boy. :) And who of course gets in contact with his conscience and good nature during the book.
Again, I don't mean it in a condescending way, it's actually quite nicely done.

I must say I enjoyed all the Star Wars references (especially when those concerned Hayden).

I could give a word about the story now. :)
Basically, Tessa finds out she's a witch and can do all these interesting things, and is courtes by one group that is saying the other possible group to belong to is not nice. Of course. :)
So, Hayden is enlisted as her bodyguard during school hours and this is where the story starts. It's easy to follow and enjoy the book, it has the feel of watching a good teenage movie.
One of the things I especially liked is that the problems don't rain from all sides but some situations actually have a positive resolution.
And, of course, the novel ends with a happy-end and the final feeling. Which is something I missed (everything nowadays is coming out in numerous sequels, not that I mind a lot, but it's hard keeping track in your head what happened where).

So, even though I was happy to press my Kindle button for the last page, I did feel a bit sad I wasn't going to read more about Tessa and Hayden.

(which is in no way an endorsement to Ms Blade to write a sequel, I believe the story is perfect the way it is and that a sequel might ruin the whole)


  1. Wow, Ines, someone is not thinking about Chait or Zoe at all! I dunno... I think those two need their own story. You just might get that whether you like it or not :-)

    In any case, thanks for the nice review!!


  2. Veronica, thank you for stopping by. :)
    And oooops, yes, I forgot about Zoe and Chait, but I don't count their story as a sequel.
    Those are like the romance novels I read, for example, the Cynsters by S. Laurens - yes, it's a series, but each story is on its own and you don't finish a book on a cliff-hanger and you have to wait another year to find out what happens next.

    I am extremely grateful this ones aren't like that. :)
    I'd love to read their story (albeit, I'm scared a bit of reading about Zoe's experience).