Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being careful around SL perfumes

It hit me this morning when applying Rousse.

It's not only Fleurs d'Oranger you need to take care when you decide to apply, as Birgit  explained the other day.
Many Serge Lutens perfumes are mischievous, not exactly beasts, but creatures they could be. Everything is working fine until one day you put the perfume on, and it smells off. I'm pretty sure this has happened to many of you but the only perfume house which perfumes do this to me is Serge Lutens.

I will have to employ some investigative methods  to discover why exactly does that happen but I think I know.


I believe they know when you are applying them without being sure it's the right perfume for that day as you're thinking, today this might work.
They know...

That is what happened to me today.
And that has also happened with Fleurs d'Oranger, and Cedre, once with Serge Noire, Fille en Aiguilles and Boxeuses (I'm pretty sure it will happen with some others I decide to wear without being sure it's their perfectly right time).

I tell you - they know your heart wasn't in it when you sprayed it. And they take revenge.


  1. I agree Ines, I had an 'incident' with Serge Noire, and still suffering the aftermath.
    I do find this time of year wonderful to wear Serge though. If it stays this cold, I think tomorrow might be Honey Monster time :-D But I will take you word of advice, and remember to apply all SL with conviction.

  2. This is absolutely spot on! Similar to the way that Alsatian dogs sniff fear. Oh, and love the picture too.

  3. Funny that this perfume has came up in a number of blogs for its character! I sampled Fleurs d'Oranger just before Christmas and regretted it! I really enjoyed the scents initial offering but its sheer strength eventually made my eyes smart badly and it clung and clung to my skin for what felt like an eternity! All this from one small spritz to a singular wrist! Ha, perhaps I'm just not ready for SL.... :)

  4. Even with my limites exposure to this brand - been there, done that :) (names should stay unnamed)

  5. Lol, that is so true! SL perfumes are easily offended if you don't love them with all your heart!

  6. Asali, enjoy your honey monster today with all your heart. I'm sure it will be loving you back as well. :)

  7. Thanks Vanessa (pic is a Serge Lutens one).
    So, there are some dogs who can smell fear? I was never sure about that.

  8. HJ, thanks for stopping by. :)

    Fleurs d'Oranger really take the top of the list (at least for me) of SL perfumes most likely to misbehave.
    But when it behaves, it's absolute heaven. :)
    Give it time, I'm sure there will come an SL perfume you will adore.

  9. He,he, Undina, I wonder if there is anyone out there who hasn't had such an encounter with an SL perfume... ;)

  10. Olfactoria, I'm glad you agree.
    That was the only explanation I could come up with for the phenomemon. :)

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  12. Dear Eula_w, please, if you want to comment, leave off with the links to these type of sites as I delete these type of comments.

  13. Yep, Serge Noire does this to me. I interpret it as a reaction to halfhearted _weather_, in that it works well when it's very cold and very warm. But perhaps it is reacting to my attitude.

    I've also noticed that Serge Lutens perfumes seem to have an incredibly long development cycle; the base notes come hours later than those of most perfumes. I'm not quite sure how that ties in with your observation, but it is another thing that seems to be a characteristic of Lutens.

  14. ChickenFreak, it's true what you say about development. :) I guess there is a reason why so many people revere Uncle Serge. ;)
    Opinions vary but you cannot say that SL perfumes cause a lot of discussion.