Monday, August 8, 2011

Musings on the subject of Harry Potter (again)

There is a good saying in Croatian that I cannot translate into English and retain the same idea. But the gist is that while everyone talks about different subjects, the person in question always returns to the same.
In my case, that would be Harry Potter.
Well, it is the season after all, what with the last movie playing. :)

Since I'm on vacation, and I obviously needed it (vacation that is), as the only thing I can read at the moment is HP. Not being interested in reading is in my case a serious sign that I am stressed out. So, I'm de-stressing through HP, as that one always works.
And here are my musings on the subject:

  • The HP series ALWAYS works when I need to relax and find peace and calm in my life.

  • I hate the fact that the movies made me forget so many details from the books (especially beginning, as I usually skip that and read the longer books).

  • I don't know how many times I re-read the series, but I seem to be getting all the hints as to what is to come, only now. I can see where certain points in the story are going to come back later on as important details as to what exactly is happening. And I think Rowling is a genius the way she incorporated those little hints all over the books.
  • Books are much better at getting Harry's tragic and black childhood understood. Movies cannot transfer that bleakness onto the screen. Nor everything going through Harry's mind. Which brings me back to the question how much can people actually get from the movies.

  • I need to learn to read more slowly. Because I think that is the reason why I missed many little gems and hints hidden in the stories.

  • I wasn't sure movies ought to have had so many fun moments (especially later on) but they are there in the books as well. And I laugh much more this time around reading. I'm frustrated much more too, though.

  • Bravery is something you are born with. So is the ability to be a true friend.

  • I wish there was more of the backstory what happened between Hermione and Krum.


  1. Hi Ines, I'm glad you're enjoying this long-awaited vacation!
    I love reading your posts on perfume, but I'm also a reader and your musings on HP and reading in general was really interesting. I think people who love books are often a little disappointed in the movie version, especially if they really liked the book.
    Your comment about missing details by reading fast hit home with me also. I do find that I miss things that slower readers notice and I also don't retain a lot of information.I guess there are advantages to both styles : )

  2. Ines, I didn't mind the movies, but far preferred the books and I'm glad I read them first. Same thing with Lord of the Rings. Now if only I'd read the Stieg Larson books first.... Not that I minded the films, but still.

  3. I haven't read the books but I have seen every HP film, some several times. I must read them someday!

    I love Fiennes' Voldemort - so frightening, so cruel. A fantastic performance.

  4. Hi Cymbaline, oh, I am enjoying my vacation. :)
    Yes, there are advantages to both styles but I really think I should try and get better with slower reading so I can enjoy a book better. But it's really hard as I am a bit impatient when I want to do something. :) Well, more than a bit actually...

  5. Michael, it's an ongoing problem I have with movies never being able to stick to the books. Yes, I'm aware of the reasons but I still sometimes feel frustrated.
    I haven't yet read Stieg Larson but haven't seen the movie(s) either so I think I'll read the books first.

  6. JoanElaine, I've been watching and reading these days and I really think the actors are great. But yes, Fiennes is spectacular (and so Bonham-Carter). :)
    The only one I have a problem with is the actor playing Dumbledore (I can't remember his name).
    I hope you read the books soon, would love to hear what you think. :)

  7. Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation! I can recommend reading the Steig Larsson books. The movies are ok, but not as good. And, most of the plot happens here in my home town, Stockholm :)

    I also wanted to say thanks for the samples (and chocolate) again. I especially love the Annick Goutal Rose Splendid. I'm going through a bit of a rose discovery phase at the moment and that one is just perfect in it's beauty and innocence. And I also love the Feminité de Bois, mmmmmmmm, it smells so good. I'll be writing reviews on both of them soon :)

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation! I relate to many of the thoughts on your list, here. I think the HP books are a great way to de-stress, and agree that many things "come alive" more in the books than in the movies, which is sort of the opposite way I would think it would happen. I hope you continue to have a good, relaxing time!

  9. I agree with ALL of the above. I reread them about once a year when I feel at my saddest or most worn down.

  10. Hi Ines,

    Reading the Harry Potter books aloud to my son, doing all the voices, required me to read much more slowly than I usually would. So much of the content stuck in my mind as a result.

    We were curious to see how the films would fix the problems that they'd introduced (like having Ginny hide Harry's copy of the Half-Blood Prince's Potions book), and we were pleased to see that they managed very well.

    The only problem that I wasn't impressed with was the way the films wrongly depicted Dumbledore as depriving Harry of a choice. In the books Dumbledore takes great pains to impress upon Harry the importance of having free will.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  11. Ines!!!! You are my soulmate. I loved reading this as I just watched the movie last night with my daughters ages 17,15,and 13.( who never read the books like I did.) You are so right! I agree with everything you are saying dear. HOW can people understand the depth of these through the movies alone? I loved the movie but it has made me want to re-read the story all over again because for me it was lacking so much of the emotion and power of the last book. I am so happy to have found you here and knowing someone else out there "gets it." Long live Harry's magic! In our hearts and in between those pages-these characters we love will never die.


  12. Fragrantfanatic, Stieg is on my list of books to-be read but it's taking me time to get around to it as I'm planning to read it in Swedish (I also keep a dictionary on the side as my Swedish is really bad). BUt I want to practice. :)
    Btw, I got word from home your package arrives so I might receive it in a few days here (with my boyfriend arriving). So glad to hear you're enjoying Rose Splendid. And of course Feminite du Bois is a league of its own. :)

  13. anotherperfumeblog, I never thought about it like that but you're right. The story does come more alive in the books, way more than in the movies. No wonder I enjoy the books more. :)

  14. Diana, I already know we share the same taste in series so HP comes as no surprise. Although I don't know what to think as this time I keep getting an urge to cry. :) I do think vacation was very much needed.

  15. Honestly Anna, after the initial Dumbledore actor died, I just can't get into the performance. Some of the parts of the books had me wondering as well how they are going to fit into the movies, but generally speaking (and not taking The Half-Blood prince into account) I'm very happy with the way books were transfered into movies.
    I think reading to your son is a perfect way for both of you to enjoy the story. :)
    If I'll ever have children, I plan to read to them as much as I can.

  16. :D Tamara, I'm so happy when someone else tells me they enjoy the world of HP as much as I do. And your words gave me goosebumps. :)
    While watching the last movie, as I read the book several times, I provided the emotional backdrop for me and kept wondering if my boyfriend was bored. :) And my heart kept squeezing from pain and love.

  17. I read the first and second book, but I didn't get into it because I thought it was a cliche.

    But I LOVED the last movie! Great character development! I kind of wish I'd paid more attention before.

  18. Joan, you had me laughing at the cliche part. It certainly has some cliche ideas (young hero, no parents, difficult path against evil, etc) but the way it was told is brilliant (I sound like Ron now). :)
    I hope you decide to read the books to the end eventually.

  19. Hi Ines, just wanted to say I too can't read books when I'm really stressed so I know what that feels like. I hope your vacation works and you return home stress-free. I'm glad that at least you have the HP books for comfort.

  20. By funny coincidence, I've just started to re-read the whole series! It's even better the second time. And I love how she makes redheads the heros, too! No one calls Ginny Weasley "Coppertop" or "Carrot Head" at Hogwarts (my nickname was "Coppertop")....

  21. Thank you Tara. :) They have been a real comfort (I finished them in the meantime). Only 2 days left and I'm back to my usual routine... :(

  22. Masha, I've been thinking about the redheads this time around as well! :) Until now it somehow escaped me that Harry's mother was a redhead (as is Ginny of course) and I just found it an interesting coincidence with my own hair color. :)
    As my hair is not naturally red, I never suffered from being called names due to it (although my last name sort of made up for that). :)